A new living space!!

Le Pré St Gervais is just 300 metres to the east of Paris and here, four local characters, Lara, Olivia, Léna and Stephane, will very soon have the pleasure of welcoming you to their new bar, restaurant and coffee shop; absolutely everyone will feel at home in its warm, relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Drop in, chat, hang out, meet up with artists while enjoying everything you need to excite your taste-buds and stimulate your mind.

Great music and excellent service abound in these happy surroundings that offer you tables for two or four or ten, or one hundred customers.

Green terraces for song and dance and the restaurant is run in a cooperative, ethical and humane spirit.

Meat-eaters, vegetarians and flexitarians can at last sit together around the same table.

A popular-spirited place where EVERYBODY will be welcome !

Opening soon !

Place Jean Jaurès, 93310 Le Pré-Saint-Gervais

Le Préau